Welcome to Folkloro Kakunodate.
The traditional architecture and streetscape of Japan are awaiting you.


Rooms at the Hotel Folkloro Kakunodate are clean and relaxing.
Guests can slowly wind down until their travel fatigue is gone.

  • Twin room
  • Deluxe Twin Room

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The hotel’s restaurant and coffee shop “Sakura komachi” serves the local cuisine of Akita.

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Recommended Sightseeing

  • Samurai Estates

    Samurai Estates

    The avenue retains its appearance from the 17th century. The samurai residences are open to the public.

    14minutes by walk from the hotel

  • Cherry Blossoms Along the Hinokinai River

    Cherry Blossoms Along the Hinokinai River

    This riverbank is highly rated for viewing the cherry blossoms. The branches arch over the pathway forming a tunnel that people walk under.

    7minutes by car from the hotel

  • Lake Tazawa

    Lake Tazawa

    This is the deepest lake in Japan. Visitors can have fun canoeing.

    28minutes by car from the hotel

  • Dakigaeri Gorge

    Dakigaeri Gorge

    The trail travels along the pristine blue waters of the Tamagawa River and through a lush canopy of vegetation.

    16minutes by car from the hotel


Hotel Folkloro Kakunodate

Hotel Folkloro Kakunodate

14 Nakasugazawa, Kakunodatemachi, Semboku, Akita
TEL:+81 187-53-2070
FAX:+81 187-53-2118

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  • About 60 min by Akita Airportliner (Shared taxi) * Reservations required.
  • About 26 km via Omagari IC, Akita Expressway and Natl. Rt. 105 About 60 km by Morioka IC and Natl. Rt. 46

Free parking 9

■Check-in 15:00 ■Check-out 11:00