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Connected with history, Unleashing a daily life



KURA STAY wanoi KAKUNODATE is a hotel inside renovated historical storehouses, which are scattered throughout the town of Kakunodate, also known as Little Kyoto for samurai residences. You can experience the lifestyle of the old times in the "Kura Storehouse - Where Life is Preserved," which is related to the background of the use of the storehouse. Once you step into it, you will enjoy the feeling as if you have travelled back in time to the living quarters of back then.

ABOUT wanoi

ABOUT wanoi

Developed by the JR EAST Group, the wanoi brand of hotels transforms old Japanese-style houses
and historic buildings into hotels where guests can experience traditional Japanese culture and way of life.
The name “wanoi” means “Japanese way of life,” with “way of life” written in an archaic style to represent a focus on historicity.



In each of the three rooms created inside distinctive storehouses, your experience will be entirely special.

01Nishinomiyake Bushigura

An ancestor of the Nishinomiya Family whose house is located on the Tamachi Samurai Residence Street, the other street in Kakunodate famous for samurai residence, was a highly regarded samurai at the time. With respect and awe for the samurai and his era, the space of this kura storehouse is built to make you feel the lives of the time that has gone by, including the lifestyle and culture of samurai. There are also tactile tools once used by samurai, with which guests can enjoy an experience of time travel.

Built in 1919 (Taisho 8)
Total Floor Area 150㎡ (Two-story wooden building)
Capacity 6 persons
Bedding 2 beds(120㎝×203㎝)
futon(mattress)4 sheets(117㎝×198㎝)
※We will prepare according to the number of people.

02Nishinomiyake Gakkogura

Treasuring the history of this kura storehouse, which was used to store gakko (pickles), the space is designed with tools related to pickles used as decorative items and motifs. Guests can also enjoy unique experience. The bathtub is inspired by a barrel for pickles, from which visitors can enjoy the view of cherry blossoms in the spring.

Built in 1919 (Taisho 8)
Total Floor Area 101㎡ (Two-story wooden building)
Capacity 4 persons
Bedding 2 beds(120㎝×203㎝)
futon(mattress)2 sheets(117㎝×198㎝)
※We will prepare according to the number of people.


This kura storehouse is located perfectly, right next to the samurai residence street. Guests can enjoy their stay at a uniquely designed space, where fabrics and tools are displayed as interior decoration, based on the villa’s history of originally being a fabric store.

Built in Late Edo Period
Total Floor Area 186㎡ (Two-story wooden building)
Capacity 6 persons
Bedding 3 beds(120㎝×203㎝)
futon(mattress)3 sheets(117㎝×198㎝)
※We will prepare according to the number of people.



Using rice and miso locally grown in Akita, we will serve bento-style breakfast in your room. You may select whether or not you wish to include breakfast in the accommodation plans. For dinner, we can recommend nearby restaurants.


Check in for wanoi KAKUNODATE will be at the Hotel Folkloro Kakunodate, a group hotel adjacent to JR Kakunodate Station. Each storehouse villa is within walking distance, so you can enjoy strolling the town on your way. Upon your request, transportation by a car will be provided from the Hotel Folkloro Kakunodate to each villa.

Hotel name wanoi KAKUNODATE
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Hotel Folkloro Kakunodate
14 Nakasugazawa, Kakunodate-machi, Semboku, Akita
TEL +81 187-53-2774
Check-in 15:00~19:00
※If you are going to arrive significantly later than 7:00 pm, please let us know in advance.
Check-out 10:00