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QUp to how many days prior to the check-in date can I cancel my reservation? And are there cancellation fees?

A 7 to 3 days before:10% of the room rate
2 days before:50% of the room rate
The day before:80% of the room rate
On the day:100% of the room rate
No show:100% of the room rate

QCan I combine multiple discount promotions?

A You may not combine promotions if there is already a discount applied, such as online booking.
Thank you in advance for your understanding.

QDo you have a special rate for children?

A No, we don’t. If your child will be using a bed or a futon, he or she will be charged as an adult.
If he or she will be sharing the bed with an adult (and is younger than a primary school student), there will be no charge.

QWould you be able to keep our luggage at the hotel before check-in or after check-out?

A We will keep them at Hotel Folkloro Kakunodate. Please feel free to ask the staff.

QCould we eat breakfast without prior booking?

A Our guests can enjoy breakfast at Hotel Folkloro Kakunodate. Please pay for the breakfast at the hotel.

QCan I bring my pet with me?

A With our sincere apology, we ask our guests to refrain from bringing their pets or animals in order to prevent any troubles between the pets and in consideration of customers who are allergic to animals. However, guests with guide dogs and service dogs are welcome.


QDo you have non-smoking rooms?

A All rooms are non-smoking.

QDo you provide room service?

A No, we don’t.

QDo you have amenities available for rent?

A If you require certain amenities, please let us know when making a reservation or checking in.

QDo you provide hot spring water in guest room bathrooms?

A No, we don’t.


QAre there convenience stores in the neighborhood?

A There is one that is 5 minutes away on foot from Nishinomiyake and one that is a minute away on foot from Tanmonogura.

QAre there restaurants nearby?

A Please let us know if you are looking for places to eat when making a reservation.
If inquired at check-in, we will introduce restaurants within Kakunodate that are available during your stay.
The restaurant at Hotel Folkloro Kakunodate is open every day until dinner time.

QDo you have parking spaces?

A We have 4 by Nishinomiyake and 2 by Tanmonogura.

QDo you provide transportation services?

A Yes, we do. If you require our transportation service, please let us know when making a reservation.
You may be asked to wait when the hotel is busy.